The following FAQs apply to loans secured on residential property only. Are you a lender or a broker? We   are   a   lender.   We   have   our   own   funds   and   solicitors.   We   are   also   Lender   Patrons   and   active   members   of   the   ASTL   (The   Association   of Short Term Lenders, www.theastl.org). What is a bridging loan? It is an interest only, short-term business use loan secured on property. What can I use a bridging loan for? Any demonstrable business use or expenditure. What type of property can be used as security? Freehold and long leasehold residential security. How much can I borrow? We offer loans from £250K to £10.0M on a first charge basis and £10K to £2.5M on a second charge basis. What types of loan do you offer? We arrange first and second charge loans on freehold and long leasehold residential property. How long can I arrange a loan for? First charge loans are offered over terms of 3 to 24 months. Second charge loans are offered over terms of 3 to 24 months. Are there any upfront fees? Yes.   As   a   lender   we   incur   costs   in   setting   up   your   loan   and   we   pass   these   onto   you.   These   can   include   legal   and   valuation   costs.   We provide bespoke quotations in all circumstances detailing these costs exactly. Do I need a solicitor? Yes.   As   a   lender,   we   have   our   own   solicitors   who   carry   out   our   own   legal   due   diligence   for   us.   We   always   ask   borrowers   to   take independent   legal   advice   with   their   own   solicitors,   who   will   charge   you   for   this   service.   If   you   do   not   have   a   solicitor   that   is   known   to   you a selection of law firms can be found on our Solicitors Panel. I am self-employed or I do not have up to date accounts, does this matter? Not   necessarily.   We   would   consider   this   in   conjunction   with   the   intended   purpose   of   the   loan   and   the   redemption   plan   offered   to   pay the loan back.
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