© Copyright Central Bridging Loans Limited Privacy Policy Central Bridging is a trading style of Central Bridging Loans Ltd. Registered in England & Wales | Company Registration Number 07728274 Central Bridging is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). All loans arranged by Central Bridging are non regulated contracts as defined under The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 and subsequent amendments.
Better People, Better Funding, A Better Experience... As   a   privately   owned   and   funded   specialist   lender,   with   full   autonomy   on   all   lending   decisions,   we   can   guarantee   that   your   application will be given the care and attention it deserves. Our short-term business use loans are available to private individuals and corporate entities. The    Central    Bridging    Team    has    over    seventy    five    years    combined    experience    in    all    forms    of    lending,    including    residential    and commercial, with extensive regulatory and compliance knowledge. Since   our   formation   in   2010   we   have   continually   refined   and   streamlined   our   processes   and   as   a   consequence   we   have   the   knowledge and ability to offer quick solutions even where the most complex problems exist. Funding   is   available   on   a   first,   second   and   even   a   third   charge   basis   with   loan   amounts   ranging   from   a   minimum   loan   of   £100K   up   to   a maximum of £15.0M*. Terms are between three and twelve months and, if an enquiry has merit, we can consider loans that don’t fit our standard criteria. As   a   market   leading   lender   we   believe   that   you   should   have   access   to   a   decision   maker   from   the   beginning   until   the   end   of   your   case. We build strong one to one relationships, so that we can deliver solutions that are individually tailored to your specific needs. We   truly   believe   we   offer   an   industry   leading   service,   delivering   consistently   on   any   funding   proposal   we   offer   with   clients   choosing   to use us again and again. Talk to us and experience the difference. * Please note loans over £2.50M are available by discussion only. Please call us with a synopsis of your needs.
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